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Product area

Shanghai Fulda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of fluorocarbon materials in China.

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FJ-M510 Series Intermediate Temperature Setting Roller Painting Fluorocarbon Coatings


Product Introduction:

Based on PVDF series hot setting and FEVE series cold curing fluorocarbon coatings, Shanghai Fuleda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd has developed FJ-M510 series intermediate temperature setting fluorocarbon coatings, which are new fluorocarbon coatings of crosslinking (thermosetti- ng) and spray coating.

As intermediate temperature setting fluorocarbon coatings, FJ-M510 series adopt fluoro olefin- vinyl ether (ester) multielement copolymerization resin and closed isocyanic acid ester or amino that also applicable to ultra weathering resistant pigments and fillers, auxiliary agents and solvent of PVDF series.

The coating performance can meet requirements of The Aluminum Association, USA AAMA2605, Chemical Industry Standards of the People's Republic of China HG/T3793-2005 and Hot-Melt Fluorocarbon Resin (PVDF) Coatings. Its weathering resistance is equivalent to PVDF series fluorocarbon coatings and it has surpassed thermoplastic PVDF series fluorocarbon coatings in terms of coating hardness, acid and alkali resistance, stain resistance, decoration, toolability and application range. Therefore, it is referred to as the new generation of fluorocarbon coatings which are applicable to aluminum profiles and aluminum plates within the coating industry.

Application Fields:

Galvanized steel sheet, inorganic precoat building sheet, copper alloy, surface of glass, magnesium alloy, ceramics, new-type aluminium alloy profiles, color alteration of dispersed aluminum profiles, motorcycle, automobile, curtain walls of aluiminum alloy, steamboats, galvanized steel sheet, outdoor lamps and lanterns, mechanical and electrical products, etc.

Characteristics and comparison of performance

■ Weathering resistance

  The same series products of Asahi company and Daikin company have been proved that their outdoor service life can reach to 20 years.

■ Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

  Through the test of boiling water resistance and chemical resistance, it indicates well perfor- mance that the other coatings are nothing to be compared. While being applied on aluminium alloy, FJ-M510 series can pass the 3000-hour neutral salt spray test.

  The acid resistance of FJ-M510 series is better than that of crylic acid and organic silicone resin and is equivalent to that of PVDF coatings. The alkali resistance of FJ-M510 is better than that of all the other resin and runs circle around that of PVDF coatings. The compatibility between FJ-M510 series fluoroolefine copolymerization resin and pigments is quite good, which can better protect pigments and keep color.

■ Excellent mechanical and construction performance

  FJ-M510 series coatings possess well hardness and adhesion. Its coating hardness can reach to 4H while being coated on the surface of aluminum alloy without base coat.

■ Stain resistance

  Its self-cleaning ability is better than that of the traditional thermal plasticity PVDF fluorocarbon coatings.

■ Well stability and cold resistance

  The weight of coating will not decrease while exposing to the environment with 25℃. Main film forming material of this coating is hot settability polymer, which can be long-term used under -40℃ -150℃, without oxidation degradation and thermal degradation.The weight of coating will not decrease while exposing to the environment with 25℃. Main film forming material of this coating is hot settability polymer, which can be long-term used under -40℃ -150℃, without oxidation degradation and thermal degradation.

Coating process and requirements:

Refer to coating requirements of FJ-M500

Comparison between FJ-M510 Fluorocarbon Coatings and PVDF Fluorocarbon Coatings

Product name

FJ-M510 series fluorocarbon coatings

PVDF fluorocarbon coatings

Coating process



Coat constitute

Process1:top coat:FJ-M fluorocarbon coating≥25μm

Process2:base coat epoxy powder coating 50-70μm top coat:FJ-M510 fluorocarbon coating ≥25μm

Base coat5-10μm

PVDF top coat≥25μm

PVDF finishing coat≥15μm


Various lustres of dead, matt, moderate and high light

Only matt luster coat


More than twenty years

More than twenty years




Alkali resistance

10%NaOH,reaching more than 48 hours,running circle around PVDF

10%%NaOH Equal to or less than 24 hours

Mending method

Easy, on-site mending is available Scuffing can be mended by FJ-M series fluorocarbon coatings.

Complex, on-site mending is not available generally.

Baking temperature

Low,130℃-200℃, small coat baking chrominance

High,220-240℃, big coat baking chrominance





Process Parameter:


Top coat

Finish coat

Product No.




Various colors








Solid content(Wt%)

≥50%(light color)



Thinning ratio




X-6 thinner

X-6 thinner

Spray coating viscosity (25℃)



Curing condition PMT(120-180℃)




Please see Application Process Explanation for application explanation and coating performance of FJ-M510 series fluorocarbon coatings.

Raw material and color

Main film-forming employs FEVE resin with superior quality and high content of fluorine.

Pigments and extenders employs inorganic pigments and extenders applicable to PVDF system and imported metal and pearl essence.

Low, moderate and high luster of solid color, metallic color and pearlylustre color can be provided according to customers’ needs.

Package and Supply:


Base coat, top coat, finish coa






There is no order quantity for base coat, finishing coat, thinner and top coat of Fuleda Color Card. The minimum supply of top coat monocolor ordered by other companies shall be 20 kg, and the general supply term is within two to five days (excluding transportation).