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Shanghai Fulda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of fluorocarbon materials in China.

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FJ-C600 Series Fluorocarbon Coatings at Room Temperature



It overcomes the limitation of not being solidified at room temperature by previous fluorocarbon coatings on the basis of keeping the excellent performance by Shanghai Fuleda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd., thus making the fluorocarbon coating be applicable to a lot of materials’ surface and widely expand its application based on reasonable supporting. It is a kind of super- weatherability coating like PVDF after being used and tested at home and abroad for almost twenty years.

FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings are mixed by excellent fluorothene vinyl ether copolymer FEVE fluorocarbon resin, strictly selected pigments and extenders with weatherability, acid and alkali resistance, imported aluminum powder, pearl essence, auxiliary agent and solvent as well as supporting compounding agent with double packages, namely, package A and package B.

Application Fields:

Building Field:

  It is applied to all kinds of building materials such as roof(various metal materials), door window, steel construction, various concrete, gas bell, cement roof tile, gate and druids altar etc.

Large-scale Fixtures:

  It is applied to bridge, port facilities in large size, oil tanker, container and various marine facilities ect.

Traffic Field:

  It is applied to automobile, locomotive, vehicle, airplane, ship, underground etc.

A Variety of Outdoor Building Fields:

  It is applied to road sign and billboard, indicator board, handrail, store, highway guardrail, various outer plates for solar energy facilities, heat collecting pipe, exterior material for greenhouse, outdoor lamp shade etc.

Furniture Field:

  It is applied to table, chair, floor and cupboard etc.

Home Appliance Field:

  It is applied to refrigerator, TV, computer, washing machine, ice cuber, small home appliance etc.

Applicable Materials

Inorganic material (cement, concrete, asbestos, gypsum)

Metal material (cast and forged part, steel plate, copper plate, aluminium sheet, stainless steel)

Organic material (PVC plastic, ABS plastic, hardboard, plywood, timber)

Ceramics (ceramic tile, mosaic, pottery sand, keramics, porcelain etc.)

Glass material (polished glass, obscured glass)

Stone material (granite, marble, white marble etc.)


■ Super-weatherability

  Demonstrated by long-term use in the open air and accelerated weathering test, fluorocarbon bond of fluorocarbon resin molecule chain of FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings can resist ultraviolet’s degradation, and compare favorably with hotsetting polyvinylidene fluoride fiber PVDF in terms of super-weatherability with outdoor service life no less than twenty years.

■ Super Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

  FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings can pass 3,000 hours of neutral salt spray test when painted on aluminium alloy and 1,000 hours of test when painted on galvanized steel. Its acid resistance is as excellent as that of hotsetting polyvinylidene fluoride fiber fluorocarbon coating, and the alkali resistance shall surpass the latter’s. In addition, the purpose of corrosion preserva- tion decoration of keelson for more than several decades can be achieved through multicoat and the decoration, shielding effect, corrosion inhibition and catelectrode of each coat.

■ Stain Resistance

  It is characterized by exterior lubricity, low adhesiveness and not easy to be contaminated (easy cleaning if contaminated).

■ Excellent Workability

  It can be coated on site with various ways like spray coating, roller coating and brush coating etc. What’s more, it can tightly adhere to nearly all materials in good condition with excellent adhesion and hardness. FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings can preserve for many years if being coated for once. A lot of maintenance cost and scaffold building and removing charge can be saved because of easy maintenance. It is only required to clean the surface with water and paint top coating if recoating is needed.

■ High Decoration

  FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings can be used to match various colors like solid color, metallic color, pearlylustre color, photoluminescence, fluorescence color and glistening color as well as low, moderate and high lustre, thus presenting ample imaginary space and fantastic decorative effect for designers and owners.

■ Temperature Resistance

  The coverage coated by FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings can be used within -40℃-150℃.

Process Parameter:


Top coat

Finish coat

Product No.




Dispersion in various colors

Sub-transparent dispersion




Solid content(Wt%)

≥50%(light color)



percentage of coverage(theory)

16㎡/㎏on the condition of 20μm photopolymer

22㎡/㎏ on the condition of 12μm photopolymer

Curing condition

Room temperature

Room temperature

Curative formula




X-6 Thinner

X-6 Thinner


Coat Performance:

Performance and quality


FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coating performance

Base material


Metal, concrete, ceramic tile, glass, synthetic fiber, hardboard, and plywood



Various colors like solid, metallic color, and pearlylustre color

60℃ luster

GB/T 9754-1988

low, moderate and high luster

Film thickness(photopolymer)


Top coat 20-25μm, finishing coat10-15μm

Pencil hardness(graze)

GB/T 6739


Adhesion, degree

GB/T 9286-1998


Impact resistance,cm

GB/T 1732-1993


Temperature resistance



Resistance to solvent


>100times without appearance of grounding

Salt fog resistance

GB/T 1771-1991

Up to standard or surpass standard in 1,000 hours

Acid resistance(168h)

GB/T 9274-1988


Alkali resistance(168h)

GB/T 9274-1988


Water resistance(24h)

GB/T 1733-1993


Hot-cool-heat cycling resistance(168h)

JG/T 25


Fouling resistanc



Stain resistance
(white or light color 0)

GB/T 9757-2001,A


Resistance to wet heat

GB/T 1740-1989

Up to standard or surpass standard in 1,000 hours

Washability, each time

GB/T 9266-1988


Weathering resistance

GB/T 1865-1997

Luster loss shall be less than 30% in 3,000 hours

Color variation shall be no more than 5NBS


Notice on Application:

Appropriate supporting system shall be selected and corresponding preliminary treatment be done according to your actual demand. No application when ambient temperature ≤5℃ and relative humidity ≥85%.

Coating formulation

It shall be allotted in accordance with prescribed proportion in the specification so as not to affect application and film coating quality. It is better to be used after twenty minutes’ curing. Do not prepare too much because the rest coating will get colloidized if not being used in time and the rest can not be placed in the original package. In addition, it is suggested to use supporting thinner to avoid affecting the appearance and quality of the film coating.

Film Coating Curing

Film coating shall become full curing in seven days after application and not expose to water in twenty-four hours after application. It is preferred to be used after full curing

Package and Supply:


Base coat, top coat, finish coat






There is no order quantity for base coat, finishing coat, thinner and top coat of Fuleda Color Card. The minimum supply of top coat monocolor ordered by other companies shall be 20 kg, and the general supply term is within two to five days (excluding transportation).

FJ-C600 series fluorocarbon coatings is widely applicable, with different supporting plans and notices in different application areas and materials. Please see Application Process Explanation of Shanghai Fuleda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. for particular process.