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Product area

Shanghai Fulda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of fluorocarbon materials in China.

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FJ-C630 Series Elastic Fluorocarbon Coatings



It is specialty fluorocarbon coating mixed by FEVE fluoro-resin, special modified resin, pigments and extenders with weatherability, acid and alkali resistance, auxiliary agent, solvent and curing agent by Shanghai Fuleda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. with excellent pliability and elasticity.

Application Fields:

It is mainly applied to surface of materials of on-site coating to improve traditional fluorocarbon coating’s defect in application of materials and solve the problem of rimula and unevenness on the surface of materials. Meanwhile, it can also be applied to cable cover and relevant rubber and plastics as good decoration and protection.

Performance Characteristics:

■ Super-weatherability

  It is in possession of excellent performance of ultraviolet resistance and weatherability and able to provide long-term outdoor application performance.

■ Super Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

  It is in possession of excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and permeability resistance against agents. The purpose of corrosion preservation decoration of keelson for more than several decades can be achieved through the decoration, shielding effect, corrosion inhibition and catelectrode of each coat.

■ Excellent Workability

  It can be coated on site with various ways like spray coating, roller coating and brush coating etc. What’s more, it can tightly adhere to various materials with excellent adhesion and pliability as well as corresponding supporting plans.

■ High Decoration and Protectionability

  It is in possession of high decoration, which is as excellent as conventional FEVE fluorocar- bon coating and able to improve the protectionability in terms of applying to special materials or special application fields.

■ Temperature Resistance

  The coverage coated by FJ-C630 series fluorocarbon coatings can be used within -40℃-150℃.

Process Parameter:


Top coat

Finish coat

Product No.




Dispersion in various colors

Sub-transparent dispersion




Solid content(Wt%)

≥50%(light color)



percentage of coverage(theory)

16㎡/㎏on the condition of 20μm photopolymer

22㎡/㎏on the condition of 12μm photopolymer

Curing condition

Room temperature

Room temperature

Curative formu




X-6 Thinner

X-6 Thinner


Package and Supply:


Base coat, top coat, finish coat






There is no order quantity for base coat, finishing coat, thinner and top coat of Fuleda Color Card. The minimum supply of top coat monocolor ordered by other companies shall be 20 kg, and the general supply term is within two to five days (excluding transportation).