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Product area

Shanghai Fulda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of fluorocarbon materials in China.

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FJ-C660 Fluorocarbon Coatings for Engineering


Product Introduction:

FJ-C660 series fluorocarbon coatings adopt high-quality FEVE fluorocarbon resin, pigments and fillers with resistance of weathering, acid and alkali, imported aluminum powder, pearl essence, auxiliary agent, dissolvent and matching ratio agent. They are packed in two components, namely component A and component B. They are used for the decoration and protection of the surface of engineering machineries.

Application Fields:

Engineering machineries which requires fine ornamental and high weathering resistant, such as excavator, bulldozer, fork-lift truck, engineering transport vehicle, loop wheel machine and port machineries. Etc.


■ Ultra weathering resistance

  Through long-term outdoor use and accelerated aging test, it indicates that C-F bond on fluoro resin molecular chain of FJ-C660 series fluorocarbon coatings can resist ultraviolet line. The ultra weathering resistance of FJ-C660 series is equivalent to that of hot setting PVDF fluorocarbon coatings, with out-door service life reaching to more than 20 years.

■ Ultra corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

  The acid resistance of FJ-C660 series fluorocarbon coatings is as excellent as that of hot setting PVDF fluorocarbon coatings. FJ-C660 series possess better alkali resistance. Based on the function of decoration, heat insultation, shielding, corrosion inhibition and cathode protection of each coating, the FJ-C660 series fluorocarbon coatings can achieve the goal of anticorrosion and decoration for base materials for several years through multilayer coatings.

■ Stain resistant

  They are slickness, low adhesiveness, and not easy to stain. it is easy to clean, though they are stained.

■ Excellent construction performance

  They can be painted on site. Spray coating, roller coating, and brush coating can be adopted. They have excellent adhesion and hardness, so can be attached well and tightly to nearly all materials. FJ-C660 fluorocarbon coatings have long service life. One-time painting can service for many years.

  FJ-C660 fluorocarbon coatings can be mixed into various colors (such as solid color, metallic color, pearly-luster color, photoluminescence, fluorescence color, glistening color etc.) with various colors( such as low, moderate and high luster).That realize the large imagine space of the designer and property owner and also the fantastic decorative effect.

■ Temperature resistance

  Coats formed by FJ-C660 fluorocarbon coatings can be used at -40℃-150℃.

Technological Parameter:


Top coat

Finish coat

Product No.




Dispersion in various colors

Sub-transparent dispersion




Solid content(Wt%)

≥50%(light color)


percentage of coverage(theory)

16㎡/㎏on the condition of 20μm photopolymer

12㎡/㎏on the condition of 20μm photopolymer

Curing condition

Room temperature

Room temperature

Curative formula




X-6 Thinner

X-6 Thinner


Coatings Performance:

Performance and quality


Performance of FJ-C650 series fluorocarbon coatings



Various colors like solid color pearlylustre color, and metallic color

60℃ luster

GB/T 9754-1988

Low, moderate and high luster

Film thickness(photopolymer)


Top coat 20-25μm,finishing coat 15-25μm


GB/T 6739

Minimum 2H


GB/T 9286-1998


Impact toughness resistance

GB/T 1732-1993

No motion

Temperature resistance



Resistance to solvent


100times without appearance of grounding

Acid resistance

GB/T 9274-1988

10%HCL15min making no difference

Alkali resistance

GB/T 9274-1988

10%NaOH 1h making no difference

Resistance to laundering

GB/T 9266-1988

making no difference

(Sunlight acceleration)

GB/T 1865-1997

Luster loss less than 30% in 3000 hours

Color variation no more than 5NBS


Construction Notice:

Please select appropriate supporting system according to your actual demand, and get done with corresponding preliminary treatment. Please do not begin the construction on condition that the ambient temperature ≤5℃ and relative humidity ≥85%.

Coating formulation

Prepare coating base on the proportioning specified in the instruction to avoid affecting the quality of construction and film coating. It is better to cure it for 20min before painting. Do not prepare too much coating, because it will gel and be out of use if it is not painted in time. The unspent coating is not allowed to be put back into the original packing. Use the matching thinner in order not to affect the appearance and quality of film coating.

Film maintenance

Never let it expose to water within 24 hours after the construction. The film coating will be fully cured after 7 days and it is better to put it into service when fully cured.

Packing and Supply:


Base coat, top coat, finish coat






The order quantity for primer, finishing paint, thinner and top coat of Fuleda color chart is not specified. The minimum monochromic supply for top coat ordered based on other companies’ sample is 20kg, and the delivery time is 2-5 days (without time of transportation).