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Shanghai Fulda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of fluorocarbon materials in China.

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FJ-H710 Series Hot Setting PVDF Spraycoat Fluorocarbon Coatings



FJ-H710 series high-temperature fluorocarbon coatings are made by Shanghai Fuleda Fluorocarbon Material Co., Ltd, who adopts domestic high-quality PVDF resin, imported modified resin matching to PVDF, fire resistant special-type fluoro resin, pigments and fillers with ultra durability, with high-quality auxiliary agent and dissolvent as auxiliary materials. As top-grade top coat that is applicable to aluminum curtain wall, coated aluminum sheet, steel plate and aluminum profile which require long out-door service life and fine decoration, PVDF content in resin is more than 70%. There are two series: spray coat and roller coat.

Application Fields:

Aluminium sheet, aluminium profile, galvanized steel sheet, aluminizing zinc sheet, aluminium curtain wall and coated steel plate

Performance characteristics:

■ Ultra weathering resistance

  During the 4000-hour accelerated aging Test, glass reduction rate is lower than 10% and outd- oor service life is more than 20 years.

■ Outstanding mechanical property

  In blow-test, flexibility, elongation and hardness of this kind coating are excellent. The coating will not be damaged during panel contour machining and will not lose the ability of protecting metal base materials.

■ Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

  This coating applied on aluminium alloy has passed the 3000-hour neutral salt spray test

■ Excellent heat stability and cold endurance

  The coating weight will not decrease while expo- sing to the environment with 25℃. Main film form- ing material of this coating is thermoplastic cryst- allinity polymer, which can be long-term used wit- hin -60℃-140℃. Besides, it also possesses outstanding characteristics such as inflaming retarding and wear resistance.

■ Good workability

Process Parameters(Spray Coating):


Base coat

Top coat

Finish coat

Product No.





Light gray dispersion liquor

Various colorful dispersion liquor

Semitransparent dispersion liquor









Solid content(Wt%)




Spreading rate in theory㎡/㎏

35(7.5μm photopolymer)

10-14(20μm photopolymer)

18(12μm photopolymer)


X-1 thinner

X-2 thinner

X-2 thinner


12 months

12 months

12 months


Performance Criterion and Quality Assurance:

The manufacture and detection of PVDF fluorocarbon coating is carried out in accordance with the standards of The Aluminum Association, USA AAMA2605, Chemical Industry Standards of the People's Republic of China HG/T3793-2005 and Hot-Melt Fluorocarbon Resin (PVDF) Coatings.

Based on strict production process, reasonable support, good workability and excellent outdoor usability, PVDF fluorocarbon coating is very close to or equivalent to imported fluorocarbon coating. The 20-years outdoor use certification is available to customers of fluorocarbon coating series product of our plant (see more details about general description of construction and coating performance in Construction Manual).

Raw Material and Color:

Color of FJ-H710 series PVDF fluorocarbon coating involves solid color, metallic color and pearly- lustre color. The color (special color exclusive) can also be formulated according to customers’ samples and requirements.

Pigments and fillers are all made of inorganic pigments possessing high weather resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance and imported top grade aluminum powder and pearl essence, which are matching with PVDF.

PVDF content in film forming matter is ≥70% and the modified resin adopts imported and dedicated resin for PVDF.

Packaging and Supplying:

The packaging of FJ-H710 series PVDF fluorocarbon coating all adopts metal drum. The specifications are as follows:

Base coat, top coat, finish coat




The order for goods shall be carried out in accordance with Fuleda color card, without minimum order quantity requirement. The minimum order quantity for top coat, matching priming order and finishing coat according to other companies’ samples is 20kg, with delivery period being 2-5 days (free of transportation time).